Burlington, Vermont, was founded in 1783 and became known as a city in 1865. Located on Lake Champlain, the town was ideal for trade, which led to its growth. In addition to its location, Burlington is a fun city to visit year-round. Just like in Charlotte, NC, Burlington is known for its distinctive culture. Live music, art, local food, and unique personalities are celebrated here, so join me as we explore some of the things this beautiful city has in store for you!

St. Market’s Church

ChurchYou can’t say you’ve seen Burlington if you haven’t been to Church St. This cobblestone alley in midtown Burlington is ample of life and spirit. From live music to theaters you won’t encounter anywhere else, Church St is central to Burlington. If a restaurant doesn’t have good food along with a unique idea, it won’t survive. For this reason, I decided to put my favorites on a list. I want to say that this list is not systematic at all. There are so many great restaurants that it was challenging to pick just a few for each dish.


Just five minutes away, on the main street of Winooski, there are great restaurants and bars. Depending on the worst traffic circle you’ve ever seen (push at your own risk), you’ll find three notable restaurants/bars. Right next door is Sneakers Bistro, known for its unique lunches. On the other front of OHB is Mule Bar, remembered for its outstanding cocktails. If you don’t dislike a protein in your drink, try it.


BridgeThe Waterfront bike rental at Neighborhood Motion is ideal for those who want to bike across the pool on the Burlington bike path. The concrete way is also famous for inline skating. There are many swimming spots with beaches at the ends of the island (water shoes recommended) and even a whole host of activities to participate in, including frisbee golf and paddleboard rents. Although hard to forget, Burlington’s waterfront is worth mentioning, as it’s a great place to relax on the porch swings while watching the city’s vibrant sunsets. When it comes to Lake Champlain, be careful because you might see the lake’s most famous monster, Champ.

Burlington Breweries

If you want to learn more about brewery hopping, the coming breweries are my preference to tour. Along with rotating taps, there are food vendors in the brewery that change daily. I suggest making a trip or buying a glass of Lake Hopper or maybe Sour Mayor. Magic Hat is the most famous brewery outside of Burlington, is only ten minutes away, and a visit to this “gadget factory” is essential. Currently a non-profit farm, Shelburne Farm is also a great place to visit during the day. Gradually, it was incorporated as we met many locals who gave us ideas on the ideal way to make the most of our trip, showing us must-see places that our online research didn’t mention, and modifications to our driving route that sacrificed the breathtaking views of the US 1, but still saved us from spending hours in our little rental car or truck.

Outskirts of Burlington

As mentioned earlier in this guide, Burlington’s location makes it a great place to visit. Great hiking and skiing/snowboarding opportunities are just 30 minutes from Burlington. If you see two golden retrievers without parents, don’t be alarmed if by any stretch of the imagination. They can’t be missed and enjoy wandering around as much as possible. The growth is quite vertical and challenging, so I recommend packing a lunch along with extra water if you decide to watch. In my opinion, an area’s experience is far more valuable than any travel website or web site. This guide is intended to provide a selection of places to visit in and around Burlington, VT, based on my local preferences. The goal is to point readers to “must see” places they might not otherwise find. It is intended to be used as a guide only.